ACER Digital Graffiti Wall – Trade Show Integration


The Brief

ACER approached us to create a fun and interactive digital experience to showcase their latest hardware. The experience had to capture the interest of passing delegates at a trade show and encourage them to interact with Acer’s latest tech! ACER also wanted to use data collection to capture delegates’ information and enter them into a competition.

The Solution

We created a Digital Graffiti experience that allowed delegates at the trade show to interact with a large-scale digital graffiti wall that was fully integrated into the stand build. Using ACER hardware, we created a touch version of the graffiti wall that ACER staff used to demonstrate features of their Switch 10 range of laptops.

The key (of course!) is to make showcasing any brand’s products fun and engaging – so we created a fun competition on each day of the 2015 BETT show where the best Spray Paint Wall artwork from each day was selected to win an Acer tablet. And how did we choose the winner? Each piece of the artwork contained a unique reference number and QR code used to log the customer’s data with their artwork using Acer tablets and our data collection software.

The Result

The Digital Graffiti experience we provided ACER with at the BETT Show 2015 was a great success; crowds of delegates gathered to enter the competition and watch representatives create their digital artwork on the digital graffiti wall.

By sharing all of the images on Facebook, we encouraged guests to view and download their artwork and check the ACER UK Facebook page to see if they had been selected as a competition winner!

ACER’s Marketing Manager was delighted:

“The effect is amazing. Spray Paint Wall is getting customers on our stand and keeping them there for longer. And it’s meeting our exact objective for the show – demonstrating our products as a solution – not just a piece of hardware.”