Spray Paint Wall

What is the best format for your event?

Portable Spray Paint Wall

The portable graffiti wall provides a huge visible screen for you and your guests to get creative.

It can fit through any normal doorway, we erect it on site and we are ready to roll within a couple of hours.

Total floor space of around 3m x 3m is recommended. This includes for the wall and for guests at the event to interact.

You can brand or personalise the screen and the base of the wall.

Solid Spray Paint Wall

The solid graffiti wall is of timber construction: it provides additional branding space to the sides, rear and roof.

It is also fitted with a canopy to cast a shadow on the wall to prevent glare for outdoor or bright light conditions (you may also decide to choose a marquee).

Installation takes around three hours once it has been delivered into its final location.

Total floor space of around 4m x 3m is recommended. This includes for the wall and for guests at the event to interact.

Stand Integration

We can integrate our spray paint walls into any trade show stand, event or activation.

Screen sizes can vary and the interface is customised to the clients branding requirements.

We provide mock ups and specifications at no additional cost to assist stand builders, brands and event planners to co-ordinate the integration.

Or we can build custom graffiti walls for you…

Custom Build

Want another size? Or a strange shape?! Just ask – we have a huge ranges of Spray Paint Wall options available…

We will provide visuals of the wall for you to approve and then we build in house.

We design, we build, we develop – so you will not get layers of cost added.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable team on 01246 918 153

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