In everything we do we believe we should create an amazing experience, share to social channels and give the guest something physical to take away as a memento of the event.

Every guest using the Spray Paint Wall is given a print of their artwork. The print out is branded with a customised print surround.

Designs can be printed instantly from the wall onto premium photo paper using super-fast sub dye printing. These prints can then be taken home by your guests as a fun souvenir of your event.


Your guest can email their artwork instantly from the wall. Watch your guests’ amazement as they open the email and see their image in the inbox.

The email is fully customisable. You can pre-define the subject, the reply address – everything!

Guests will immediately forward the artwork (and your branding) to their friends and family.

Want to collect data? Just ask us to enable our ‘save emails’ feature and these will be given to you at the end of the event.

Facebook & Twitter

Our Facebook and Twitter feature allows guests to upload their artwork to their profile directly from the wall. Because every piece of artwork carries your branding this is an amazing, low cost way for brands to promote themselves on a user’s Facebook or Twitter profile and consequently increase awareness among users’ friends. You can also make an event part of your social media campaign by letting our friendly ushers upload pictures to your fan page during the event. (And customise the print out to guide customers to your social channels after the event!)


Stamps are a great way of adding imagery to your creations. They can be anything from logos to animals, and wigs to speech bubbles.

Users can position them anywhere on the screen, scale and rotate them to fit perfectly in their artwork.

Stamps are a great addition to photo mode to make fun of yourself or to help in your digital makeover.

Also stamps are great tools for feedback walls literally providing a stamp of approval.


Stencils provide a fun and easy way to get people creating on the digital graffiti wall. Choose from a huge range of pre-loaded stencils: hats, wigs, speech bubbles, balloons, moustaches .- this list is huge!

Let us work with you to produce event-specific stencils such as your logo to colour in and to tie into your event theme.

Our stencils are great tools for the less artistic – helping the wall be an amazing event tool for everyone.

Brush Styles & Colour Palette

Spray Paint Wall’s advanced brush styles include:

    • Flat Spray
    • Dripping Paint
    • Glowing Graffiti
    • Checkerboard

Create realistic graffiti with a huge palette of colours to select – or customise the colours in keeping with your brand or theme.And the best part? If you make a mistake you can erase it – even better than real graffiti!

Daylight Tracking *NEW*

We are happy to announce the development of a unique daylight tracking system which allows us to operate in bright light conditions. Previously graffiti walls could only work in relatively dark conditions and away from natural light.

Now we have overcome this issue – allowing Spray Paint Wall to be used at outdoor events, shopping mall atriums, and indoor events with halogen lights. Please watch our videos and compare them with our peers – you will notice most graffiti wall videos are shot in dark conditions – not the Spray Paint Wall!

Games Mode

Games Mode for Spray Paint Wall has been added with a simple user interface and some great games: Aliens and Make Up, Finish the Picture, Colouring In, Dot to Dot and Build Your Own…

All the games are controlled by your finger in Spray Paint Touch and the graffiti can in Spray Paint Wall.

This is great for a younger audience – Buckle Up and Enjoy!

Online Gallery

We provide an online gallery which can be password protected with all of your event photos and art.

The gallery name can appear on the print out so guests know where to download their pictures from.

Interested in hiring a Digital Graffiti Wall?