Photo Mode

Photo Mode

Recreate the new you by allowing your guests to give themselves a digital makeover with our Photo Mode. Our graffiti wall operator takes a photo which immediately pops up on the wall. Then use free hand graffiti, stamps and stencils to create your own digital self portrait.

We can switch between the blank graffiti mode and photo mode – so if guests still want a blank canvas we provide it!

Guests get a print out of their masterpiece to take home. We can provide a guestbook and second set of prints so that you have a valuable keepsake of the day.

All of the artwork can also be printed to T-Shirts, Mugs, Bags, Caps, Stickers, Keyrings and Phone Cases…

Green Screen

We can combine our photo mode with a green screen. So guests can appear in a background of your choice – for instance with a ski slope, desert island or famous landmark behind them – before being able to graffiti themselves.

We can also add customised stamps and stencils to fit in with the theme – ski hats, skis, and goggles – or shades, a camel and a towel!

Photo Effects

Loading a photo to the digital graffiti wall is another great way of interacting with guests at your event, adding photo effects such as Black and White, Sepia, and Negative can help create funky looking images that can then be printed and shared.

We’ve even added colouring in mode where your photo becomes a canvas. Adjust the transparency and create a cool Andy Warhol effect!

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